Many girls dream about making headway in the world of modeling and some even dream of becoming the next beauty queen. Some of them participate in small regional beauty contests, the lucky ones will succeed to reach the finals of a nationwide competition, and only a handful of girls actually get crowned "Miss" and have the chance to represent the Czech Republic at the worldwide beauty pageant competition watched closely by millions of people across the world. But is everything as glamorous and effortless as it may seem at a first glance? Does everything magically fall into place? Is success a coincidence or the result of straining effort and determination?

The book “MISS, dreams vs. reality" is the autobiography of the author, Eva Čerešňáková, second runner up "Vice Miss" Czech Republic 2007, Miss Academia Czech Republic 2006, and the third most beautiful girl in the competition Czech High School beauty in 2005. Each chapter gives a honest and candid recount of the individual life experiences, moments filled with positive emotions and moments of disappointment. The media officially depicts what is only the tip of the iceberg, the final sensation or the silver lining. Nevertheless, this book goes behind the scenes of the "Miss" beauty pageants to shed light on the less publicized stories and industry practices that are hidden beneath the surface.

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