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Over the last years I have been working as a consultant in Marketing and Public Relations, on one-time projects as well as longer-term and regular projects for different clients. My regular responsibilities concern planning marketing activities, event production, media consultation, public relations activities, celebrity service (cooperation with famous faces), copywriting and editing texts, arranging cooperation regarding advertising, graphics, translations and corrections. Based on my many years of practice, I can provide my clients with professional and individual services, not to mention reliability and flexibility.

In case of interest in cooperation, you can contact me at:



Veeam Software, Citrix Systems, LICA, E&S Software, Pragoplyn, Czech Television, F&F, PIKLIO, ORDNING & REDA, Slim&G0, ETA, 4U Store, Terinvest – trade fairs Itea, Tendence, Wellness Balnea, Fitness Expo; PR activities for sportsmen Martin Koukal, Nikola Sudová, Jakub Janda and Mirka Knapková, SAS, ...