I was born on 14.7.1986 and I lived in Uherské Hradiště for 18 years. I successfully graduated from the local high-school and afterwards I relocated to Prague and continued with my studies at the University of Economics, focusing on International Business and graduating the University as an engineer.

My passion is foreign languages and I have been studying them for many years in my free time and also abroad, thanks to which I am fluent in English, German, Italian, Spanish and particularly also in Russian.

I have been collecting work experience since I was 13, which proved to be useful later in my career. I truly appreciate all the experience I gained. I always work hard to fulfil my dreams and I am really grateful for everything that I was given, that I could achieve, and that I am getting from my life. I split my time in between studies, modeling and work and over time, I have found my place as a presenter and in marketing.